Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scallops, Brownies and Memory Loss

To say that I have writer's block is an understatement. Its more like a big brick block wall! I'm trying to come up with something clever to say about this next meal and honestly I'm having a hard time remembering because I made it over a month ago. The cooking is going great and the writing is slowing me down. Of course I don't want to get too far ahead of myself so now the writing is slowing down the cooking. So, I ask the Kid what she remembers about this meal hoping to jog my memory. "The brownies were really good, I remember that."  She's right, I was really impressed with how easy and quick it was to make these brownies and the use of parchment paper makes for quick clean up.

"What about the scallops?" I ask.
"Oh, yeah! I liked those, can we make those again?" she says as her face lights up.
"Nope. Sorry! Too many other things to cook."

Here's the Menu:
Sticky Pan-Fried Scallops
Sweet Chili Rice
Dressed Greens
Quick Brownies

The sad part is, I remember there was a story that went along with this that I wanted to share but I honestly can't remember. I need to take better notes.

Sorry gang!
Moving on…

Meals cooked: 21
Meals left: 29
Weeks left: 8


  1. Ah, it's too bad when so much time passes and what was maybe a great story gets lost in the shuffle of everyday life. I try to make myself write it down same day!

    1. I have definitely gotten out of the habit of taking notes!