Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Si-Wy's Applesauce

One Sunday in December, I decided to tackle another Roast Dinner recipe. I picked the Pork Roast (pg. 195) and I decided to make the applesauce (pg. 210) to go with it. I was super excited about making the applesauce. The recipe seemed so easy!

The pork roast turned out awesome! It was moist and delicious. I tend to be a bit overly cautious when cooking meat and it ends up being over cooked. So, I decided to stick to Jamie's recipe to the letter. This is cooked much like the Roast Chicken I did. It seems the two tricks are making a "rack" of veggies below the meat and also preheating your oven to the highest it will go and then cranking it down a bit (400 degrees) when you put the meat it. I even forgot to baste it until the very end and it was still moist and great.

The applesauce (recipe below) was so good. It smelled good while it was cooking and it tasted delicious on its own and also with the pork. My family wasn't as excited about the applesauce as I was and I was a bit bummed. I really needed someone to get as giddy as I was about this yummy treat. Hmmmm. Who could that be? My niece! Of course! Let's call her Si-Wy (see-wee). She is almost 16 months and the girl loves good food. She and my sister were coming over the very next day and I knew I had to make a second batch. Now remember, I have a thing with repeating Jamie recipes. Husband and Kid have both asked for repeats and I always say no because why should I make it again when I need to check something new off the list? But I needed an enthusiastic response to my new discovery and I knew Si-Wy would not disappoint me. So the next day, I picked up the few ingredients again before they came over. Now, my sister and I are trying to make lunch with both toddlers. My son adores his little cousin. She can get away with quite a lot with him. She drags him around wherever she wants him, hugs him, kisses him, takes what he's playing with and he just looks up at us and smiles. For some reason, on this particular day, he was not his normal easy-going self. She seemed to be stressing him out. Needless to say, they both needed a bit of referee-ing and the applesauce ended up being more for lunchtime dessert than actually part of lunch. By the time it was ready, both babies had had enough and were ready for naps so I sent the applesauce home with Si-Wy for a treat later. I got a text later from my sister and just as I thought, she loved it! My sister asked for the recipe so they could make it AGAIN! Thanks Si-Wy!

Recipes cooked: 89
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Days left: 83

Here's the Applesauce Recipe, I really hope you'll try it:

Jamie Oliver's Applesauce
serves 4-6

3 good eating apples such as Macintosh
1/2 an orange
1 pat of butter
1/4 cup of sugar
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 of a nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground cloves

Peel and core your apples and chop them into roughly 1 inch pieces
Zest your orange half over a small saucepan and squeeze in the juice
Add the butter, sugar, and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves)
Put the pan over a low heat and let the butter gently melt
Stir until the butter looks all foamy, then stir in all the apple pieces
Place a lid on the pan and cook for 20-25 minutes on a medium to low heat
Stir occasionally until you have a soft, chunky sauce
Taste and add a bit more sugar if you think it needs it

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  1. There's a batch in the fridge waiting for Si-Wy's arrival tomorrow. (Snuck a taste and it is delicious!) Thanks for the recipe Aunt Amy and Jamie!