Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throw Back Thursday!

October totally got away from me and that’s a shame because I loved October’s Monthly Challenges for the Food Revolution Ambassadors. Since I’ve run out of time I’ve decided to cheat a little bit and take advantage of the fact that today is Thursday. So, here’s a little Amy’s Food Revolution Throw Back Thursday to answer two of this month’s challenges.

1. Using leftovers! Make something awesome from what you have left in your fridge and or cupboards without heading to the shops. 

Answer: One of my favorite leftovers recipes is from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook. Here’s the post from when I made Leftover Curry Biriani during my food revolution.

2. Scare yourself this Halloween! Try out a recipe that has always scared you. 

Answer: This one is easy, before I started my Food Revolution I was scared to death to roast a chicken. 

Tune in tomorrow for the last challenge!

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