Friday, February 13, 2015

Love is in the Air....

...and for our family that means it's time for our annual Tea Party. It is a day that the kids look forward to each year, especially our oldest. It means we prepare as close to a traditional English Tea as we can. I pull out the little collection of "tea books" that I have and the cutesy pink teapot that we have been using since she was a toddler. We invite some girls over, let them indulge in the sugar cubes and call it a party. She usually humors her little brother and lets him sit with them and everyone is happy. It's a day of treats but of the homemade, special occasion variety.

I thought she was outgrowing this little tradition. She hadn't mentioned it this year and I was thinking that since she is now twelve that meant my tea party days were over. Also, you never know with twelve year olds if it is a "Mom, you're cool" day or a "Really, Mom?" oh-so-not-cool day. So, I was completely shocked when she came home from school today (the day before Valentine's day) and said, "So, Mommy, what day should we have my tea party?" I turned around and there she stood, eye to eye with me. She's been just about my height for almost a year but it still takes me by surprise. How did this happen so fast? She said she had the menu planned out and knew who she wanted to invite. And that is when my heart skipped a beat. I was excited that this wasn't on the "I'm too old for this" list yet because I love doing this with her each year. And who knows, maybe her 13 year old self next year will think that she is too old. So I'll get out the teapot and run to the store early tomorrow morning so we can bake our favorite scone recipe together and slice strawberries and make cucumber sandwiches. Because the other thing about twelve year olds and this February 14th holiday, there aren't too many more left that she will want to spend with me. And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. 

If you aren't all ready....

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