Sunday, January 24, 2016

Resolutions 2016

 It is said that one in three people will ditch their New Year’s Resolution before the end of January. This is the time of year when I usually write and tell you about the only time I kept my New Year’s Resolution. In January of 2010, I made three New Year’s resolutions. I decided that each would have a positive spin and not include negative words. One of them was to “cook more,” how to accomplish it though completely stumped me. I had tried it before and had failed miserably and I was worried I would have to abandon this resolution yet again. That’s when I saw the movie, Julie and Julia and the inspiration for how I would “cook more” hit me. After letting the idea sit in my brain awhile and mustering up the courage to do this crazy thing, I went to the bookstore to browse the cooking section. I stumbled upon Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Cookbook and I knew that it was the key. So, I started to cook more. I challenged myself to cook every recipe in the book in 365 days. To keep myself accountable, I started this blog and wrote about my adventure and the journey to “cook more.” I not only “cooked more” but I also taught cooking classes, became a Food Revolution Hero and later a Food Revolution Ambassador. I even had the chance to visit the White House. Now, six years later, cooking more has been a journey that outlived its New Year’s Resolution status.

I hope for 2016 you will resolve to spend more time cooking. To help you with that, I’ll be starting a new series in the coming weeks on how to start a Food Revolution in your own kitchen. Make sure you are following me on social media so you can get timely updates on when it will start. Who knows, you might find out that it is the easiest and best resolution you ever kept!

Happy Cooking!


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