Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Step 1: Getting On Track

 Before you start your Food Revolution, you need a goal. But, before you have a goal, you need to know where you are starting. A lot of us don’t even realize what is going on in our kitchens. Do you make the same thing over and over again? How many times a week do you eat out? Do some cooking tasks petrify you? This month I want you to keep track of your dinners. Feel free to track the other meals if you’d like but, at the very least, write down every dinner for one month. Find a cheap calendar (mine is from the Target Dollar Spot) and record what you eat every night. This isn’t a meal planning calendar (we’ll get to that some other time), this calendar is to record what actually happened. We all know that sometimes our best plans get thrown out the window so remember, this calendar is for what actually ended up on your dinner table each evening. At the end of the month, look back and see if you can spot any trends that bother you. Then you’ll come up with your goal (or goals) for your Food Revolution. Maybe you’ll decide you want to eat out less, or try a new recipe every Sunday, or maybe you just want to get really good at one recipe. Maybe there is a cooking challenge that scares you to death, for me it was roasting a chicken. Your big goal at the end of this might be that you will conquer that fear. But, before you decide your goal, I want you to monitor your habits for a month.

So, get to it! Find yourself a calendar and track what you eat.

Happy Tracking!


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