Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Blog is Born

It was still February of 2010. I had made a resolution to cook more, had been inspired by Julie and Julia, picked out Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution for my project but now was faced with the other part of this daunting task....The BLOG.

I felt like this part of it was even more intimidating than the cooking part, and that part worried me quite a bit! I knew that it was an important part of the project because I needed something to keep me accountable and I knew that if I started it, I would need to see it through. That is just how I am. Kind of the like how I'm still reading Sue Grafton's murder mystery alphabet series even though I don't really like murder mysteries and I don't really care about what happens to Kinsey Millhone. I just need to get to Z. At the same time, who would read it if I did write a blog? How would I find time for all of those entries? And did I really want to put myself out there like that?  I really didn't feel like I could pull this part of it off and had almost abandoned the idea all together...and then I went to visit my friends Johnny and Becky.

I had lunch with Johnny one day in late February and I knew once I told him my idea he would cue the instant pep rally. And he did! He loved the idea and he completely encouraged me to do it. Seeing him so excited made me even more excited. I also knew that if I didn't get started he would be calling me to make sure I did.

Now if Johnny is the pep rally guy, then Becky is the action plan girl. When I came back from lunch with Johnny and told Becky she immediately jumped into her supportive friend role and most likely gave me a "All you have to do is...." speech. Becky is great at breaking up daunting tasks into manageable chunks to show you that you really can do it. I love when she does this! They are the best friends ever and getting this blog started is largely due to their awesome support and encouragement.

So, that afternoon I went home and started researching blog platforms and wrote my first blog post and a few days later, on March 3, 2010, Amy's Food Revolution, was born. 

Coming up next...

The Anniversary of my first recipe is up next and I'm making it again! My kids are so excited. It is one of their favorites and they can't wait.

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